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Conservative Measures for Vein Treatment

Conservative Measures for Vein Treatment
Not every vascular disease or venous conditions require surgery for their treatment. You don’t have to undergo painful surgery to improve the condition of the trouble veins in your legs. As a safer alternative, a lot of patients can treat their vein issues using conservative measures. Conservative measures are non-invasive treatments that are carried out to offer relief from several worrisome and devastating venous conditions.

At McQuaid Vein, we usually start the treatment of vein issues and venous insufficiency using conservative measures before suggesting more intensive procedures like vascular surgery. Over the years, we have helped a lot of patients in Plano, Texas overcome their venous conditions using non-invasive measures.

Our board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Mark McQuaid, will offer you a personalized conservative treatment program that will improve your vascular conditions. This will save you from the risky side effects and the long recovery period of vein surgery. Some of our non-invasive ways of alleviating the symptoms of vein issues without any form of medications or surgery include:

Compression Stockings
Compression stockings are elastic garments that are worn on the legs throughout the day. The stockings compress the limbs and enhance the circulation of blood. Compression stockings can help treat venous insufficiency.

Regular Exercise
Furthermore, patients suffering from vein issues are encouraged to perform exercises regularly. Walking or running daily will help improve the circulation of blood throughout the legs and other parts of the body.

Diet Changes
The food we eat also affects our general health directly. A deficiency of fiber or protein can cause venous issues over time. You can improve vascular functioning by increasing fiber and protein intake. Also, take more of a balanced diet that contains a variety of whole foods and reduce your salt intake.

Changing Positions
In addition, prolonged sitting or standing is also known to cause vein issues. Whether you are at work or home, switch position from time to time. This will improve blood flow.

Raise Your Legs
Raising your legs above your heart for about three to five time daily will improve the circulation of blood. If your leg is swollen, you can slightly massage the swollen area.

Weight Loss
Obesity is also known to cause venous insufficiency. Shedding excess weight will help improve your condition.

Avoid Tight Clothes
Finally, avoid putting on tight hosiery and high heels.

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